Seeing solid progress

I don’t know why I waited so long to watch those Youtube videos. They’re making such a huge difference in my comprehension skills, it’s amazing. More precisely I’m re-watching some clips I watched 2 years ago and barely understood and I’m getting every single word. I used to have problems with male speech in particular – how come women always speak more intelligibly? – but now I barely notice the difference. Even Kansai and dialects are becoming easier and easier for me to pick up.

On the other hand I’m not seeing much of a difference from the mp3 player yet. It’s enjoyable, though, so I’ll keep doing it. However carrying the player around town and stuff kind of stresses me out. If I try to concentrate on what is being said, I lose track of my surroundings and vice versa, so it’s a bit dangerous, maybe? But I’m not going to give up just like that, I’m just going to restrict the mp3-playing to when I’m actually in a car/bus/taxi and keep it off elsewhere. That Takamizawa guy was so interesting, I can’t wait for next week’s edition. I guess not all radio shows are boring, eh?

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