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All going well

I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but I always find some reason not to. As planned, I finished Teach Yourself Cantonese at the end of February, and I’ve been working on Colloquial Cantonese while listening to Cantonese radio and watching Canto TV, i.e. the ATV live stream. I guess part of the reason […]

Teach Yourself Cantonese is a funny book

I’m up to lesson 18 of Teach Yourself Cantonese. It’s a funny old book, really. I’m 3/4th of my way through it and I still don’t know how to say basic stuff like “toilet”, “part-time job”, “cousin”, “elevator”, “internet” and “computer”. I do, however, know how to say “gamble”, “murder”, “rape” “deadbeat” and “plain-clothes policeman.” […]

Slowly but surely

Right now I’m in the process of entering my Teach Yourself Cantonese book dialogues into surusu. It’s slow going because I’m really not used to typing in Cantonese, but I’m already up to chapter 7 and going great. Entering the dialogues really helps me remember the vocabulary and the grammatical structure without feeling like I’m […]

First post in a long time

I’m embarrassed to admit I’d forgotten all about this blog (^^;;) until Khatz posted a comment I made long ago on his blog. I just got a question about how it feels to juggle Japanese and Cantonese, so I’ll try and post a progress report below: Because I spent a lot of time (several years) […]

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