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Sumo, final day

The moment Kotooshu lost to Hakuho, the end result of this Nagoya basho was clear for all to see. Hakuho kept up his fine form, defeating Harumafuji yesterday and toppling Asashoryu today to win the tournament. It must be a welcome win for him, after losing out to Harumafuji last time and Asashoryu the time […]

Sumo, day 11

Wooo hoo, what a day! Upset after upset, shock after shock! Yesterday was boring so I didn’t bother to report it. First, Harumafuji got his kachikoshi against Baruto, improving to 8-3 while Baruto dropped to 7-4. All Baruto has to do to maintain a winning record is to win once more so I think he’ll […]

Sumo, day 9

A very exciting day, all told. I missed days 7 and 8 over the weekend so it was a shock to me to realize Aasashoryu had lost once on Sunday. And then he lost again to Chiyotaikai (of all people!), cue the audience tossing their cushions into the ring. Asa 7-2, Chiyotaikai 5-4. It pains […]

Sumo, day 6

Nothing remarkable happened today, except hometown favorite Kotomitsuki lost to Kisenosato, dropping down to 5-1. Kisenosato’s at 5-1 too. Kotooshu, Hakuho and Asashoryu won to stay at 6-0, but Hakuho is still looking the best out of the three. Unless he gets sloppy or someone gets lucky, he’s probably going to win this one. It […]

Sumo, day 5

Alas, poor Harumafuji is almost certainly out of the running after today’s loss to Aran. To Aran, of all people (no offence to all the fine Aran fans out there). It was a funny match to watch, the way Harumafuji just dove out of the ring like a ballistic missile due to a fine sidestep […]

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