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Also dropped: Soul Eater, Rokka no Yuusha, Ping Pong

Continuing from the last post, some more things I dropped recently: Soul Eater: Not my cup of tea. I think I’ve outgrown shounen action shows or something, because the violent action in the first few minutes didn’t thrill me in the least, and then the attempts at… humor? with Maka’s dad or whoever just made […]

Kaoru Mori Anything and Something manga review

Kaoru Mori: Anything and Something is a collection of short stories and illustrations by Kaoru Mori, author of popular period pieces like Shirley (haven’t read), Emma (read and loved) and Otoyomegatari/A Bride’s Story (haven’t read). At time hilarious, at others heartwarming, this collection of short stories penned by one of Japan’s most talented artists is […]

Tetsuwan Girl manga review

Yup, you guessed it. Another baseball manga. I didn’t have much luck with Tetsuwan Girl, though. I made it as far as volume 4-ish, skimmed around a while till volume 6 then dropped it. Story: A girl named Tome becomes a baseball star (only not really). The manga is set in 1949 with Japan is under occupation and […]

Watashi no Koshien volume 4 & 5 (skimmed)

Yup, as I suspected volume 3 was the end of Watashi no Koshien‘s run of quality. The manga continues for another 2 volumes and manages to achieve its initial objective, but the light had gone out and it was just a bitter angry manga till the end. Still the ending doesn’t feel abrupt, so I […]

Watashi no Koshien volume 3 review

Sometimes it comes as a shock when a manga is cancelled. Sometimes it’s more of a mild surprise, because you could see the series declining but you didn’t think it was that bad yet. And then sometimes, as in the case of Watashi no Koshien, you can pinpoint the exact moment when the whole series […]

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