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Anyone know how to export Surusu decks to Anki?

Like it says in the topic, I want to export Surusu decks to Anki. Surusu and Anki are both SRS (spaced repetition something-or-the-other) programs that help with learning new vocabulary and stuff. I used Surusu for a couple of years then stopped SRSing altogether. Recently I picked it up again recently and switched to Anki […]

Going My Way

Nothing interesting’s going on with me, I’m still plodding faithfully along. I gave up on books for now to focusĀ on internet resources. I was lucky enough to come across Milan’s Cantonese blog with several Cantonese monologues recorded by his wife, a native Cantonese speaker. They’ve made excellent sacrifices to my Cantonese SRS deck, MWA HA […]

Two more radio programs

This time for Japanese. I scribbled them down on my noticeboard, but I forgot to note which programs they were. Knowing myself, they’re almost certainly music programs, most likely Japanese 60s, 70s and 80s classics, because that’s what I listen to the most. Anyway, they’re both on Sankakuyama FM, Wednesdays at 8pm GMT and Fridays […]

Canto-ing it up!

I mentioned last time that I was adding vocabulary items from my JLPT studies to my SRS. I did that, got a nice healthy number of items. There was an unfortunate side effect from inputting them as just kanji and kanji compounds though. What happens is that I always go straight from working on my […]

Back from an SRS break

Even before Khatz at AJATT put up this post, I was already on an extended break from my SRS. Meaning I was still doing my reps every morning but I hadn’t added anything in weeks. Somehow it just got tedious and unfun so I ditched it for a while. But now I’m back! And over […]

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