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Sorting out a huge SRS backlog

By putting a temporary freeze on new additions to my SRS, I was finally able to bring my backlog of reps to a manageable number. This morning, for example, I only had 27 reps to do, quickly gotten out of the way. And when you have a nice small number you can take your time […]

Slacking on Japanese

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t studied Japanese in a while. I read a bit of manga last week and I’ve been keeping up with my SRS reps, but apart from that it’s been English media all week. I could blame it all on the lack of decent coverage of the US […]

Another source for Japanese magazines

After the whole fs2you/raysource nonsense, I continued the hunt for Japanese fashion magazines online. I can’t remember where I found this link, or I’d give them the credit, but I found another site where you could read fashion magazines. It’s a Chinese site, btw. Who’d have thought the Chinese youth would be that much into […]

So many reps to do…

For the past couple of days I’ve had 100 reps to do every single day. It’s mostly my fault because I don’t do reps on the weekends, but it’s so not fun to do so many every day. Especially since I add at least 20 sentences every day, usually more, on top of my old […]


It’s Saturday! And a very important day in my life. Which is why I’m sitting behind my computer blogging about Japanese. …Okay, now I feel silly. Back to the Wii to finish some games. About Anki though, it’s an SRS system that, unlike Khatzumemo, allows you to upload pictures, sound and other files, not just […]

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