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Passed JLPT N1!

With flying colors, I might add. I got the certificate in the mail. It’s like college apps all over again: big envelope means you passed, small envelope means you didn’t. The certificate itself is pretty soft and flimsy, though. I prefer hard paper. But I digress. The pass mark for N1 was 100/180, if I […]

Canto-ing it up!

I mentioned last time that I was adding vocabulary items from my JLPT studies to my SRS. I did that, got a nice healthy number of items. There was an unfortunate side effect from inputting them as just kanji and kanji compounds though. What happens is that I always go straight from working on my […]

JLPT is over!

Phew! When I posted last time about taking the JLPT level N1, I never thought the day would actually come. I have a habit of signing up for stuff and then going “Oh crap!” as the day approaches. I didn’t start studying till pretty late in November, but I was surprised at how much I […]

Slowly but surely

Right now I’m in the process of entering my Teach Yourself Cantonese book dialogues into surusu. It’s slow going because I’m really not used to typing in Cantonese, but I’m already up to chapter 7 and going great. Entering the dialogues really helps me remember the vocabulary and the grammatical structure without feeling like I’m […]

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