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More quick drops – Nanatsu no Taizai, Houkago no Pleiaiides and Akagami no Shirayukihime

No need to waste time on stuff I know I won’t like. I gave Nanatsu no Taizai two whole episodes to redeem itself because I’d heard so much about it. The other two shows I just flipped through quite quickly. Not my thing, not my thing, *delete* and we’re done. Nanatsu no Taizai – It […]

My Little Monster anime review (eps 1-5)

I’m not sure how exactly I came to start watching My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). I think I may have downloaded an episode by accident when looking for Tonari  no Seki-kun episodes, or maybe I got it back when it was first airing and forgot about it. Either way before I knew it I had […]

Kouya no Tenshidomo (Miriam) manga review

If you read enough shoujo, you  might have come across a manga named “Miriam” by Kyoko Hikawa. If you do a little digging around, though, you will realize there is no such manga named Miriam in Japanese. The fan-translators took three series: Kouya no Tenshidomo, Jikan wo Tomete Matteite and Sorenari ni Romantic, wiped out their […]

Snow Fantasy short story 1 and 3

As promised in the post about Kimi ni Straight, I have uploaded the two short stories I did from one of Yuu Yabuuchi’s short story collections. Snow Fantasy 1 is about a boy in love with his senpai. Can he muster up the courage to tell her how he feels? And how does she feel about […]

Kimi ni Straight manga review

Kimi ni Straight is a collection of one-shots by Yuu Yabuuchi, a shoujo mangaka. She’s not as super popular as some other shoujo writers, but she has had some big hits with Shoujo Shounen, Mizuiro Jidai and Naisho no Tsubomi, which won the 2009 Shogakukan Children’s Manga Award. Looking at Mangaupdates I see other titles of […]

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