Anyone know how to export Surusu decks to Anki?

Like it says in the topic, I want to export Surusu decks to Anki. Surusu and Anki are both SRS (spaced repetition something-or-the-other) programs that help with learning new vocabulary and stuff. I used Surusu for a couple of years then stopped SRSing altogether. Recently I picked it up again recently and switched to Anki instead of Surusu for the following reasons

  • Surusu hasn’t updated in a while. The owner Khatz of All Japanese All the Time hasn’t updated his blog in ages so the tool is most likely good as dead.
  • Anki has a better community in case I need a little extra help.
  • I like the Anki interface a little better. Barebones Surusu was good when I had a slow, unreliable connection but now I don’t really need it. It just looks cluttered.
  • I have a Moto E smartphone and a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet now, and I like the slick look of Ankidroid, so I recently started using it. Strictly speaking I could get by just fine with the desktop version with syncs to the web version, but I’m a sucker for apps.
  • I like having a desktop version of my SRS deck instead of having everything stored on someone’s server that could go poof at any time.
export surusu decks to anki

Surusu vs Anki, which one is better? (psst: It’s not Surusu)

The last point in particular is a big issue for me since I have a lot of cards in Surusu. Which brings me back to my main question, how do I export those cards and either import them into Anki or just leave them lying around my computer as is my right because they are my cards?

I did some research online but the only concrete result I found was over 3 years old and pointed to this possible solution on Github which involves installing Ruby (who’s she?) and something called “scrapi gem” on my computer. The instructions themselves don’t look that complicated, but I thought I’d cast about online for other possible solutions first. If nothing turns up/I manage to work something out, I’ll post it here to be fair, but in the meantime, anyone have any ideas? Any positive experiences trying to retrieve your decks from Surusu? Please share, thanks!

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  1. 山崎六郎 says:

    I would also really like to do this too because surusu has been giving me issues with card duplication’s and so I want to switch to anki as well. If you find out how to do it let me know!

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