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All going well

I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but I always find some reason not to. As planned, I finished Teach Yourself Cantonese at the end of February, and I’ve been working on Colloquial Cantonese while listening to Cantonese radio and watching Canto TV, i.e. the ATV live stream. I guess part of the reason […]

Interesting radio program

I haven’t found any good Cantonese TV programs I like, but I have found one radio program I follow quite regularly. It’s a radio drama they play on Thursdays at 6pm GMT on RTHK1, after which they play a lot of music. I haven’t figured out the overall story yet, but I find that I’m […]

First post in a long time

I’m embarrassed to admit I’d forgotten all about this blog (^^;;) until Khatz posted a comment I made long ago on his blog. I just got a question about how it feels to juggle Japanese and Cantonese, so I’ll try and post a progress report below: Because I spent a lot of time (several years) […]

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