MP3 player ahoy!

I got an mp3 player! Yay! At long last! What’s it’s been, 5 months? Phew, I finally got one.

I just got it yesterday, so I’m scrambling to fill it with podcasts. I listened to some radio show by a girl called Hitomi Takahashi this morning in traffic, it was okay. I’m fresher in the morning anyway, so I have more tolerance. But man, traffic is loud! I tried to keep the volume at a manageable volume but I couldn’t hear a thing, and when I raised the volume, my ears hurt. The solution is to buy noise-cancelling earphones, which is my next goal.

So anyway, my little player can also play mp4 videos, so I’m here right now: downloading both mp3 and mp4 podcasts of Takamizawa. He’s the leader of one of my ex-favourite bands, The Alfee. I say ex- because I think I overdid it on their albums and now it’s hard for me to listen to them any more. I still have a lot of respect for them, though.

And it’s back to the hunt I go.

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