Some Japanese radio stations

Of course no sooner had I talked about my sound-recording software than it took it upon itself to mess with my drivers and stop working properly. Plus streaming media doesn’t work so well on my slow connection unless I stop all other internet activities, and I’d rather set up my torrents than stream media. My work computer is slow and Windows Media Player sucks, is my conclusion. I’m not going to give up just like that, though.

I found a site with a list of radio stations, but not all of them work right: Japanese Internet Radio and Online News Radio. And I’m still looking into the youtube thing, but not very seriously. For now I’m going to focus on more radio stations, especially ones I can listen to without passing through WMP.

Just this morning I managed to get Radio NHK news through Media Player Classic (which is having the same problems as WMP so I guess it really is my machine) and it’s great listening practice because the announcers take their time and talk slooowly and clearly, enunciating every single syllable so it’s all easy to understand. Of course ordinary Japanese don’t speak like this in real life so I’m not going to give up on watching and listening to other sources, but when it comes to speaking I want to speak clearly like that. But man, the news is all so depressing.

Pages I’m going to be reading today:

新作ゲーム紹介:「ダンジョン オブ ウインダリア」 2組の男女の愛を描くRPG 20年前のアニメが“復活”

マイケル・ジャクソン – Wiki page about Michael Jackson. This week’s strategy is to read wikis about things I already know, so I’m not straining myself trying to get the overall meaning of the article and can just focus on the details of each sentence. I read an article about Mariah Carey yesterday, for example. And that’s all for today.

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