WTF, no fair!

I’ve been doing my SRS reps and all, but I didn’t listen to any Cantonese radio or TV for two or three days. All of sudden I barely understand anything any more! It’s only been a few days, why is the effect so sudden?! I’m sure if I listen to it again for a day or two I’ll be okay, but this is a lesson to me that I’m nowhere near full comprehension. I can’t afford to slack off at all.

I’m thinking of picking up a drama, since I always tune in to ATV when they’re showing either Putonghua news or some drama that doesn’t come with Mandarin subtitles. Also it sucks. There’s this guy who keeps screaming this girl’s name non-stop. It sounds like Gu-long, Gu-long. 30 minutes of Gu-long, Gu-long, Gu-long, Gu-long, Gu-long, Gu-long every single episode made me sick, which is probably why I rebelled. Right now I’m listening to a morning radio show on RTHK2 (no, I don’t think it’s 晨光第一線) while working on some papers.

And on, on we go.

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