My boyfriend is a mooch.

Translated from Japanese for fun.

Original story here:

I’m a 48 year old single mother. I’ve been dating a 37 year old man for the past 3 years. For personal reasons we do not intend to get married. Last spring my son entered university. It is a very expensive school, so through that my boyfriend realized that I must have quite a bit of money.

Due to our age difference I’ve always been the one who paid for our dates. I even give him a little pocket money. Now he’s not satisfied with that any more. He asked for 30,000 yen (around $320 USD). It bothered me, but I gave it to him anyway. He said it was just that one time and thanked me and took it.

Now every time he sees me, he wants 30,000 yen. I think he loves me, but he’s started saying he won’t see me any more unless I give him the money. He’s so cruel. He’s given me the choice of either 30,000 yen per meeting or 50,000 yen per month. I’m not very happy about paying him every time. Do I have any other options, short of breaking up with him?

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Translator’s note: What an idiot…

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