Getting back with the boyfriend whose proposal I rejected

Translated from Japanese for fun.
Original story here:

A year ago, I turned down a proposal from my boyfriend of three years.

At first I said yes when he proposed, but right after that his company suddenly went bankrupt. He desperately tried to find work but couldn’t land anything. Eventually he got a job as a temp worker on a contract.Unfortunately he was making only 8000 yen ($85) a day with no bonuses, so honestly I had second thoughts about marrying him. Even if I continued working we wouldn’t be able to live a leisurely life. I want to be able to give my children lots of love, and they’ll only be lonely if their parents are both consumed with work.
I couldn’t help feeling that way, so I broke up with him. Since then I’ve been looking for a suitable marriage partner, but no one that meets my criteria has shown up in the past year.

That’s when I heard a rumor about my ex-boyfriend. It seems the company he temped for hired him as a full-time employee and they’ve already promoted him to a senior position. His income is fairly stable as well.

Upon hearing that, I realized that I still had feelings for him, and I want to get back together. He did everything he could to try and stop me when I wanted to break up, so I’m sure I’ve still got a chance. From what I hear he doesn’t have a girlfriend either.

I’m a little nervous, so I’m here to ask everyone for moral support. Thanks a lot!

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