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I’m still studying Japanese!!

Just because I haven’t posted anything in a few days doesn’t mean I’ve been spending my time reading Dear Prudence archives or anything like that <_< >_>…yeah. I finally got my M3 Lite to overcome the dreaded “Write PSRAM fail! System wil be shut down!” problem (more on that some other time) so I’m happily […]

Quit playing Fire Emblem DS

Day and night time, rain and sunshineI seek my dream everywhereDay and night time, rain and sunshineI seek my dream everywhere I can’t get enough of that Chage & Aska 🙂 What I can and have gotten enough of is that stupid Fire Emblem DS. Okay, it’s not stupid. But it’s annoying. I’m on chapter […]

Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken

So I’ve been playing this new Fire Emblem game that came out for Nintendo DS a few weeks ago and I’m already up to chapter 15. Goshdangit, Garnef, why didn’t you tell me you were planning to move? Bloody desert stages *grumble mumble grumble* Normal Mode is shockingly easy, though. The AI is really, really […]


It’s the 13th of August and I’m feeling gooood. That means I should help someone else feel good, right? Okay. You know how I was talking about JPSEEK the other day? After footling around on their site a bit more, I discovered they also have Japanese magazines and stuff (mostly fashion), up for download.* I like fashion, in a […]

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