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I forgot to write up the two Hong Kong movies I watched on the last KLM flight I took a couple of months ago. They were “Double Tap” starring Leslie Cheung and Alex Fong, and “I Love Hong Kong”, with Sandra Ng and Tony Leung (Big Tony). They were both kinda bad, though Double Tap was watchable, especially in hindsight, seeing as it stars Leslie as a seriously depressed maniac. He plays Rick, a gun expert who develops a penchant for killing after shooting a crazed cop, while Alex Fong plays the policeman who has to track him down and stop him.

The movie was going well until the end, which was too simplistic. Basically the men shot each other, but Alex’s wife had taught him breathing techniques to prolong his life when shot, so he lived and Leslie died. See, that’s too simplistic right? Bit of a disappointment there.

I Love Hong Kong” was just bad. The idea was good, about a man who moves back into a housing project with his family after losing everything. The movie is supposed to show how they adjust to life in a poor area and how they transform it eventually but 1. It takes them very little time to adjust completely, so there’s no tension there. 2. All the real transformation is carried out by the man’s shady friend, played by Eric Tsang. The family might as well not have moved back. 3. All problems are quickly and easily resolved, making you wonder if they were really problems at all. 4. The ending features a spectacularly cheesy singing sequence that made me cringe in my seat and change the channel. Way to go.

Watching Cantonese movies on flights really helps the time pass quickly, while letting me learn a bit in the process. Every time I watch a movie after studying for a while, I find I understand more and more of what’s being said without relying on the subs. I’m still not entirely ready to go sub-free, but I’m getting there.

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