Assassination Classroom episode 1 – impressions

I’m several seasons behind on my anime-watching, and while I’ve begun to catch up on the best of what I missed, by the time I finish watching the older stuff, what’s currently airing will be old as well. If I’m not careful I’ll always be playing catch up. That’s why I decided to check out at least an episode of everything that’s currently airing (that doesn’t sound too terrible) so I know what to pick up as soon as its done.

First on the chopping block: Assassination Classroom. A story about a class of losers tasked with killing their teacher, who happens to be octopoid monster intent on destroying the world. And a really good teacher too.


– The opening theme was so off-putting and cringe-inducing I almost quit on the spot. Haruhi has a lot to answer for when it comes to starting the fad for dancing openings, but even that show had some sense of choreography. This is just a bunch of kids jumping around to really, really bad music. Who greenlighted this?

– At least it doesn’t have any really objectionable content. No bad language, no nudity and only comical violence at best.

assassination whining– From the description and the first few minutes I thought it was going to be a comedy, then some girly-looking boy starts whining and moaning “Boo hoo hoo, I had to go to the classroom for losers! Nobody sees me as I am! Nobody understands me!” Whine, moan, whine.

Then he tries to kill the teacher and fails but the teacher protects him from a grenade. Oh my, teacher-kun does acknowledge me for who I am, ufufu, I’m so happy, my life has meaning after all… I had to pause the video for a few minutes and try not to throw up.

– If episode 1 is anything to go by, every episode will be about some character learning some life lesson or another and finding meaning in their life blah blah thanks to this monster teacher he’s so wonderful but we’ve gotta kill him or he’ll destroy the earth blah blah. The formula is already old and it’s only episode 1.

– The Assassination Classroom manga is still running, which most likely means the characters haven’t succeeded in their goal. If the story was funny it might be worth following, but it’s not and I can’t stand the whining already.

Dropped before I even picked it up. That’s one thing I can cross off my “To watch or read someday” list.


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