The Star of Cottonland anime movie review

Known in Japanese as Wata no Kunihoshi, The Star of Cottonland is an anime movie from 1984 that tells the story of a little anthropomorphized kitten who is taken in by a young man named Toshi. The kitten, Chibi-neko, is never drawn as a cat but as a loli catgirl, which apparently helped popularize catgirls in Japan. *shrug*

Anyway, it’s a cute but rather bland movie that follows Chibi-neko’s adventures as she first learns the differences between humans and cats (and which one she belongs to) and then goes on a day-long adventure through the city looking for the mystical land of Persia, which is supposed to be one huge litterbox as far as the eye can see. Sounds like a dream, eh?

Chibi-neko is cute, and she does learn a lot about the harshness of reality and how much life sucks for a cat on the run so it’s not an entirely vapid show. But still I only finished it like 2 days ago and it’s already blurred in my mind. It’s too slow-paced to keep children amused and too dull to interest adults. And the kitty is cute, but not THAT cute compared to some of the critters that have come after her. I imagine the manga might be a better read since it’ll be faster-paced, but I don’t feel any compunction to read it, so… yeah.

Worth a try if you like old anime movies the way I do, just don’t be disappointed when it turns out to be meh, ‘cos I warned you.

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