Sumo, day 11

Wooo hoo, what a day! Upset after upset, shock after shock! Yesterday was boring so I didn’t bother to report it.

First, Harumafuji got his kachikoshi against Baruto, improving to 8-3 while Baruto dropped to 7-4. All Baruto has to do to maintain a winning record is to win once more so I think he’ll be fine.

Then…Chiyotaikai! I swear, that wily old goat just came into this tournament to ruin everyone’s stuff. First Asashoryu, then today he dropped Kotooshu in a shocking move, sending him sprawling face first into the dirt. All well and good, 10-1 for Kotooshu doesn’t take him out of the running, and 6-5 for Chiyotaikai isn’t half bad.

But the surprises just kept on coming: another slippery veteran, Kaio, dodged Asashoryu’s advance, gave him a swift push and sent him running out of the ring like a bull. Cue a few cushions thrown into the ring, but nobody expects much from Asashoryu any more so the crowd didn’t get very worked up.

Next match, last match of the day…SHOCKER: Kotomitsuki powers Hakuho out of the ring! It was obviously a hard-fought match, but he did it! A rain, a downpour of purple pillows! Yes! Yes! Sorry, it’s good to see Hakuho lose sometimes, and this throws the whole tournament wide open! It’s anybody’s game now, with Hakuho, Kotomitsuki and Kotooshu all at 10-1. The match-offs between these guys in the next few days will show who wears the crown. In the end, there can be only one!

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