Still learning Japanese, yay.

I love it when I learn something worthwhile. Like I learned 喜怒哀楽(きどあいらく)not too long ago and now it’s showing up in just about every article I read. Like this one, about 6 lines down. When you first learn something sometimes it seems so rare and exotic, like “When am I ever going to see this word again?” so it’s always fun to realize it’s actually a common phrase, yay.

As for the rest of my Japanese studies, it’s going…well, I guess? I’m almost done with that interfering little Fire Emblem and this time I promise my next game will be in Japanese (sorry Grandia Extreme!). What I’m suffering from right now is a lack of things to read. I’ve grown tired of many of the things I used to like about Japanese culture like anime and manga so all I have left to read are videogame and music articles, and the occasional news item. I need to diversify, but nothing else interests me about Japan or the Japanese. Well, videogames and music will keep me occupied for the time being and then we’ll see where to go from there.

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