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Heat Guy J manga review

I usually stay away from manga adapted from anime, figuring (usually rightly) that they’re cheap, poorly-made cash grab attempts. But I’d heard a lot about Heat Guy J, it was only 1 volume long and the summary seemed decent enough, so I figured, how bad can it be? And surprisingly enough it wasn’t bad at […]

Remember manhua review

Remember how ‘Red Colored Elegy‘ was supposed to be a highly-influential work? When I reviewed it, I noted that I could see how people would be inspired by it, but the keyword was ‘inspired’ – I never expected someone to flatĀ out copy the whole thing. Until I read Remember by Chinese artist Benjamin, that is… […]

Farewell Tokyopop!

I heard yesterday that Tokyopop was closing its doors for good. No word on what will happen to most of its licenses, but the majority of its cash cows were taken away by Kodansha a while ago anyway. Pretty much all they had that people cared about was Hetalia, Alice in the Country of Hearts, […]

Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ vol. 1 manga review

Another stupid manga, I won’t waste too much time writing about this one. Kouhei is a photographer of spiritual phenomena. He runs into this loli named Hazuki in Germany and she tries to make him her slave by biting him. After some hijinks involving a cursed castle, Kouhei and Hazuki end up back in Japan […]

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