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Legend of Crystania anime movie review

“Legend of Crystania” must be Japanese for “Boring anime movie I didn’t bother finishing” because I watched the first 55 minutes and then skipped to the ending. That says a lot, because the movie is only 77 minutes long including credits, and usually when I get that far in I just finish it. This time […]

The Star of Cottonland anime movie review

Known in Japanese as Wata no Kunihoshi, The Star of Cottonland is an anime movie from 1984 that tells the story of a little anthropomorphized kitten who is taken in by a young man named Toshi. The kitten, Chibi-neko, is never drawn as a cat but as a loli catgirl, which apparently helped popularize catgirls […]

Hotarubi no Mori e anime movie review

Story: A young 6-year oldĀ named Hotaru gets lost in the enchanted woods near her grandpa’s house. She is saved by a boy named Gin, but Gin isn’t quite human. He’s under a curse that means he will disappear forever if a human ever touches him. Despite this, Hotaru and Gin form a fast friendship that […]

Windaria anime movie review (spoilers)

Windaria is an old, old anime from 1986 that I’ve been meaning to watch for at least 10 years, ever since fansub group Live-Evil released their “set right what went wrong” version (apparently Windaria got a rather horrible official English dub/hackjob known as “Once Upon a Time”, courtesy of Harmony Gold). So I downloaded the […]

Infernal Affairs movie review

Quick Review I watched this famous Hong Kong film starring Tony Leung and Andy Lau last weekend. Tony stars as Yan, a police mole deep within a triad gang. Andy stars as Lau, a gang mole high up in the police service. After a botched gang cocaine trade, both higher ups charge their moles with […]

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