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Forgotten Japanese Singers – The Neutral

It’s been a while since I did one of these features. It turns out most anime songs don’t make much of an impression on me in the long run. I forget them pretty quickly, which means I don’t remember a lot of anisong singers/bands either. And the ones I do remember are often still active […]

Ayumi Hamasaki

Known as the Empress of J-Pop in certain circles, Ayumi Hamasaki is almost certainly the most successful female j-pop artist to date. She’s been outsold on an album-by-album basis, but in terms of consistent success there’s nobody that can hold a candle to her right now. She was actually the first artist in Japan to […]

Off Course

  Known in Japanese as オフコース, Off Course was a Japanese “folk” band active between 1969 and 1989 when they split up so lead singer Kazumasa Oda could pursue a solo career. Although they termed themslves a “folk” band, the majority of their songs could be classified as pop, with an emphasis on smooth, soulful […]

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