Dragonaut: The Resonance anime review

Or, “Boobs and Dumb Women – the Anime.” It’s been a while since I watched something this horrible and yet so compelling. Dragonaut: The Resonance started out with a fairly good premise about humanoid dragons, the humans they have formed pacts with and the ominous “Thanatos” creature that was drawing nearer to the Earth every day.

Then it turned into a stupid rescue romantic farce where the main character Jin chased his lady love Toa for endless episodes, Toa always managing to either run away or get herself captured as soon as Jin found her. It’s revealed halfway through that Toa is directly responsible for the death of Jin’s family, but this is tossed to the side like it means nothing. Hos before even families, huh? Even Kouta from Elfen Lied wasn’t this faithful to his romantic needs.

From that point I was just watching to see how bad the series could get. And boy did it get bad. Toa! Jin! Toa! Jin! I want to see Toa! I want to see Toa! Jin! Jin! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! *pukes* Phew, that’s better. You know, the dragon transformation sequences should have clued me in from the start that the creators had no idea what kind of series they were trying to make, but I foolishly persevered. In the end Jin and Toa manage to persuade Thanatos to leave Earth alone by showing her the Power of Love – as if it wasn’t bad enough when Gankutsuou did it – and they go back to Earth to live happily ever after. They’d better, after all the happiness GONZO robbed me of just by making this show exist. I’ll think twice before I try anything from that company again.

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