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Gyakkyou Nine volumes 3 & 4 manga review

AwwwRIGHT! Things are getting better and better! Gyakkyou Nine is only 6 volumes long, so that means Shimamoto has to pack a lot into those pages, which means a lot of hot-blooded action in every chapter. I always pick it up intending to read just a few pages and end up reading half the book. […]

Ikkyuu-san volume 4 manga review

After a bit of a break I tried to get back into Shinji Mizushima’s Ikkyuu-san, but I think I’m going to end up dropping this series after all.┬áVolume 4 and (most likely volumes 5-8 at the rate this is going) covers the winner-takes-all practice match between the first and second-string teams of Kyojin High School, […]

Gyakkyou Nine volumes 1 & 2 manga review

Yuup, you guessed it! Another baseball manga! I haven’t dropped Ikkyuu-san entirely, but volume 4 was rather boring, so I started something else on my list. I meant to just read a chapter or two for a change of pace, but before I knew it I’d finished the first two volumes of Gyakkyou Nine. Gyakkyou […]

Ikkyuu-san volume 3 manga review

Ikkyuu-san is starting to lose steam a bit for me, but most likely volume 3 was the problem and subsequent volumes should be better. Going into the volume I wanted to learn more about Ikkyuu’s background and personality and I also wanted him to get some basic training and learn more about baseball. None of […]

Ikkyuu-san volume 2 manga review

Ikkyuu-san is still going strong as of volume 2, but whether this will last till the end of the series or not remains to be seen. I said last time that Ikkyuu’s ‘innocent country boy’ gimmick was getting old, and it most definitely is. The rest of the cast is strong enough that watching their […]

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