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Two more radio programs

This time for Japanese. I scribbled them down on my noticeboard, but I forgot to note which programs they were. Knowing myself, they’re almost certainly music programs, most likely Japanese 60s, 70s and 80s classics, because that’s what I listen to the most. Anyway, they’re both on Sankakuyama FM, Wednesdays at 8pm GMT and Fridays […]

Interesting radio program

I haven’t found any good Cantonese TV programs I like, but I have found one radio program I follow quite regularly. It’s a radio drama they play on Thursdays at 6pm GMT on RTHK1, after which they play a lot of music. I haven’t figured out the overall story yet, but I find that I’m […]

KLM in-flight entertainment and more

I took a couple of flights with KLM over the holidays. Being in the air is no excuse for keeping up with your language skills, so I took a look at what they have on offer. Their in-flight entertainment options are┬ápitiful compared to Emirates, so I wouldn’t pick them for a long-haul flight, but the […]

Canto-ing it up!

I mentioned last time that I was adding vocabulary items from my JLPT studies to my SRS. I did that, got a nice healthy number of items. There was an unfortunate side effect from inputting them as just kanji and kanji compounds though. What happens is that I always go straight from working on my […]

Cantonese movies!

I had two flights on Emirates Airlines over the weekend, so since I was trapped in that uncomfortable metal box for almost 15 hours total, I decided to spend it studying. So I chose to watch the Cantonese in-flight entertainment and listen to Cantopop on the music station. September is Jacky Cheung month! And there […]

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