Why backsliding is dangerous

That week I took off took a bigger toll on me than I had expected. You see, when you work behind a computer everyday, you kinda get into a groove, you know? First this site, then that site, then let’s see what X site has to say, and I mustn’t forget Dear Abby, and while I’m at it gotta check that site… force of habit is stronger than you think. Before I went AJATT I had a large number of English blogs and news sites I used to visit every morning before settling down to work. I thought I had them conquered, but in just one week they took over my computer again! And to be honest, I’m not sure I want to stop… but I must persevere!

I found a direct download site for Raw Manga so I’ve been downloading like crazy the last couple of days, but apart from flipping through a few ones, I haven’t really settled down to read anything. Kenritsu Chikyuu Boueigun (Prefectural Earth Defence Force) looks the most interesting so far. I’ve always been more interested in older manga that in the newer, posher stuff anyway. It seems to me like manga back then contained less “fluff” and “eye wash” than manga today, but that’s probably just me.

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