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She doesn’t accept our invitations, and yet…

Translated from Japanese. The forum these are published on have mass participation from members, so there’s no “one answer”. I like translating these for fun, not for any real reason. Original story: I belong to a hobby club that does both volunteer work and sports. After club activities we go out for lunch together. There is […]

My boyfriend’s confession after I got pregnant

Translated from Japanese. Original story: I am 33 years old and 3 months (9 weeks) pregnant. My boyfriend works in the same company and we’d been dating for 9 months when I got pregnant. We hadn’t been using protection for the past couple of months because we planned to get married if I got […]

How should I turn down requests from pushy neighbors?

Translated from Japanese. Original story here: Last December the man next door asked my husband to help him change his car tyres, claiming he couldn’t get a tyre-changing appointment anywhere else for a week. Bikes and cars are my husband’s hobby so he has a lot of tools. I’m sure that’s why the guy […]

Big Fight with my mother-in-law

Agony aunt story translated from Japanese: Original story: Big fight with my mother-in-law. My husband won’t take my side. Should I divorce him? I live with my child, my husband and my mother-in-law. The house is in my mother-in-law’s name and we pay her 50,000 yen ($526) a month for living expenses. I’ve never gotten […]

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