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Sumo, day 4

By which point you must be wondering whether my posts for the next two weeks are all going to be about sumo. The answer is Yes. Sumo¬†bashos¬†only happen a few times a year, so I make sure to enjoy them as much as possible for as long as possible. So far so good. Harumafuji won […]

Sumo, day 3

Ahh, crap! Poor Harumafuji! He was hoping to win the natsu basho and possibly advance to yokozuna within the next few tournaments, but today he lost badly to Kotoshogiku and dropped to 2-1. It’s still early so he might stand a chance, but hmm… Asashoryu, Hakuho and Kotomitsuki are still at 3-0 so the competition […]


Yes! The summer sumo tournament is under way! I’ve been a sumo fan ever since I accidentally caught a sumo special on ESPN several years ago, and now that I have access to NHK, I make sure I watch every tournament every day. My favorite wrestler? Asashoryu! I tend to like flashy, controversial sportsmen, so […]

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