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Porco Rosso anime review

The only Ghibli movie so far that I haven’t watched until the end. It was going so well until they introduced Fio. Beautiful visuals as always, a unique protagonist, a bittersweet setting and moderate amounts of action. I was all set to love Porco Rosso, then they had to introduce a nosy, fast-talking, high-pitched squealing […]

Only Yesterday (Omoide Poro poro) anime review

Shnzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snrk* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Hmm, huh, what? It’s over? THANK GOODNESS. Summary of the movie:┬áTaeko, a city girl who likes the countryside, works on a farm and reflects back to when she was 10. More boring than it sounds. Work on farm, drive around, remember childhood, hang out with country boy, roll credits, the end. Only […]

Kiki’s Delivery Service anime review

Well I watched it all right, but I didn’t like it much. After the halfway mark I was just yawning non-stop. Some Ghibli movies are just about admiring scenery, not telling a story, and there’s certainly plenty of nice scenery to admire in Kiki’s Delivery Service. The plot itself though… This rather unpleasant girl named […]

My Neighbor Totoro anime review

Continuing the run of Ghibli movies, I watched My Neighbor Totoro. I’d heard a lot about this movie, and of course the totoros are all over Ghibli’s advertising, but the movie itself was rather underwhelming. Two little girls move to the countryside with their dad, run around for an hour, have a fight, run around […]

Laputa: The Castle in the Sky anime review

I’m watching the Ghibli movies in chronological order, so after Nausicaa comes Laputa: Castle in the Sky (or just Castle in the Sky if you’re American). Another excellent movie, with an amazing soundtrack. It picks up faster than Nausicaa and has a happier ending, too. I just wasn’t happy with the bad guys getting away […]

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