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Iruka-chan Yoroshiku chapter 2

I think chapters one and two of Iruka-chan Yoroshiku are more than enough to give a sense of much of the rest of the series is about. Iruka is really played up as shockingly good at every sport  in the world, so while I hope later volumes will counter this by eventually introducing someone she can’t […]

Iruka-chan Yoroshiku manga review

Iruka-chan Yoroshiku (いるかちゃんヨロシク) is a sports/romance shoujo manga by Masaru Urakawa. It ran in the mid-80s for 7 volumes, though I’m not sure of the exact timeline. There was a first series of 4 volumes, then it got renewed for another 3 and ended. The story is simple: A Wild Transfer Student Appears! If you’ve read manga […]

Otasukebito Hashiru! chapter 1b

Reading chapter 1b will be enough to give you an idea of the shift in power that characterizes the rest of volume 1 of Otasukebito Hashiru! (おたすけ人走る!). Before and during the entrance exam, Kana held all the cards. She could decide who got in and who stayed out and there wasn’t a thing they could do […]

Otasukebito Hashiru! manga review

Otasukebito Hashiru! (or: Help comes Running! おたすけ人走る!) is a shoujo sports manga from 1979, written and illustrated by Hikaru Yuzuki. Yuzuki is probably best known for Amai Seikatsu/Sweet Life, the barely worksafe long-running manga about a naive young man who goes to work for a lingerie company. That is that and this is this. Otasukebito […]

Ah! Seishun no Koushien manga review

Ah! Seishun no Koushien (ああ!青春の甲子園) is a 7-volume collection of romantic stories by Yamasaki Juuzou and Adachi Mitsuru. As expected of Adachi (though he was only the artist, really), all the stories involve baseball players and, as per the title, the National Koushien tournament, but that’s as far as the sports goes. I know I’m […]

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