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Watashi no Koshien volume 2 review

Right-ho, continuing where we left off with the Kugunari High School baseball team and their rookie female coach. The entirety of Watashi no Koshien volume 2 is spent on the fall tournament match that was started at the end of the previous volume where the Kugu 9 go up against Seiryo, the best school in […]

Watashi no Koshien volume 1 review

As you can see from the cover, the title is actually Watashi no Minna no Koshien (私のみんなの甲子園), i.e. Our My Koshien. The main character (?) is putting the “I” back in team by whipping a reluctant team of misfits back into shape to fulfill her dream of taking her school team back to Koshien once […]

Goukyuu Shoujo volume 1 manga review

I got through Goukyuu Shoujo volume 1 in two 30-minute sessions. It made me feel silly for all the times I’ve forced myself to slog through some boring, low-quality manga in the hopes that it will get better. It really is the mangaka’s job to make me feel like reading more than a few pages, and […]

Scout Seishirou manga review

Norifusa Mita is fairly well-known in Japan for his seinen series, most of which revolve around sports. Western manga fans probably only know him for either Investor Z, which Crunchyroll has been releasing, or Dragon Zakura, which was so popular it even got made into a movie. I haven’t read Dragon Zakura and I don’t plan to […]

Ro Meishi ga Yuku manga review

This will be fairly short since I didn’t read more than a volume of Ro Meishi ga Yuku. It’s a one-volume manga by Takao Saito, better known as the author of Golgo 13. While personally I would favor the title Lu Ming-tsu ga Yuku, sites like Mangaupdates tend to write the title of this manga as […]

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