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Kimi ni Straight manga review

Kimi ni Straight is a collection of one-shots by Yuu Yabuuchi, a shoujo mangaka. She’s not as super popular as some other shoujo writers, but she has had some big hits with Shoujo Shounen, Mizuiro Jidai and Naisho no Tsubomi, which won the 2009 Shogakukan Children’s Manga Award. Looking at Mangaupdates I see other titles of […]

Bench – one-shot by Masashi Kishimoto

A one-shot manga by Masashi Kishimoto, author of Naruto. I haven’t read any Naruto in roughly 8 years, but I liked it in the early days so the author is okay in my books. The blurb on mangaupdates is as follows: Transfer student Yamaguchi Tsutomu has just joined the baseball team. Yamaguchi is overweight and […]

Aqua Planet Chronicle Blue

What appears to be a series of short stories by Masaru Oishi. The cover is nice, but Aqua Planet Chronicle Blue (碧 水惑星年代記) is really boring. I made it through half of the first story about the guy who wants to bonk his older stepsister while his younger stepsister wants to bonk him before giving up. […]

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