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Caught up to Hajime no Ippo manga (chapter 1099)

I went on a mega-binge in the past couple of days and caught up in time at all, even though I’d dropped the Hajime no Ippo manga yeeaaars ago. I dropped it when Miyata was about to fight Randy Boy, so I had a lot of catching up to do. Actually I went all the […]

My thoughts on: Hajime no Ippo

My favorite sports manga of all time. It’s number 17 on the list of best-selling manga for a reason i.e. it’s good. And it’s really, really long as well. It’s best read in huge chunks at a time, which is why I haven’t followed the weeklies in roughly 5 years, but I still consider it […]

I’m still studying Japanese!!

Just because I haven’t posted anything in a few days doesn’t mean I’ve been spending my time reading Dear Prudence archives or anything like that <_< >_>…yeah. I finally got my M3 Lite to overcome the dreaded “Write PSRAM fail! System wil be shut down!” problem (more on that some other time) so I’m happily […]

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