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Another trip, another movie – Mr & Mrs Incredible

This is like the fifth time I’ve flown on KLM this year. This time I watched some non-Cantonese movies as well, so I only got one Canto movie in. It would have been more, but the other movies on offer all seemed to be either romantic movies or heavily Mandarin-influenced, so I wasn’t interested. What […]

More movies

I forgot to write up the two Hong Kong movies I watched on the last KLM flight I took a couple of months ago. They were “Double Tap” starring Leslie Cheung and Alex Fong, and “I Love Hong Kong”, with Sandra Ng and Tony Leung (Big Tony). They were both kinda bad, though Double Tap […]

Going My Way

Nothing interesting’s going on with me, I’m still plodding faithfully along. I gave up on books for now to focusĀ on internet resources. I was lucky enough to come across Milan’s Cantonese blog with several Cantonese monologues recorded by his wife, a native Cantonese speaker. They’ve made excellent sacrifices to my Cantonese SRS deck, MWA HA […]

WTF, no fair!

I’ve been doing my SRS reps and all, but I didn’t listen to any Cantonese radio or TV for two or three days. All of sudden I barely understand anything any more! It’s only been a few days, why is the effect so sudden?! I’m sure if I listen to it again for a day […]

All going well

I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but I always find some reason not to. As planned, I finished Teach Yourself Cantonese at the end of February, and I’ve been working on Colloquial Cantonese while listening to Cantonese radio and watching Canto TV, i.e. the ATV live stream. I guess part of the reason […]

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