Rannyuu Koshien Foul chapter 1

Rannyuu Koshien Foul (乱入甲子園ファウル) is a seinen high school baseball manga by Hideo Iura. It tells the tale of Naoto Yoshimura, a naive high school freshman who joins his high school baseball team in the hopes of making it to Koshien. Why? Because of a girl. There’s only one small problem: the Irokawa High baseball team is filled with cranks and weirdos of every shape and form. Do they stand a chance in hell?

Heh heh, good question. It’s a 2-volume manga so the odds are against them, but I won’t tell you how it ends. I encourage you to seek it out and buy it if you can (volume 2 is here) because it’s funny and interesting stuff and I particularly like the characters. In most baseball manga everyone feels like an extra except the main character and one or two others, but even though it’s so short everyone in Rannyuu Koshien Foul (except one who is supposed to be overlooked) gets plenty of time in the spotlight.

But we can discuss the details of the series at a later date. Incidentally it seems the real title of the manga is Foul and the [Rannyuu Koshien] part is supposed to be kind of in brackets or something like that. Typical bizarreness for a typically bizarre series. ‘Rannyuu’ means ‘run-in’ and Koshien stands for the National High School Baseball Tournament, though you probably know that if you’ve ever read a baseball manga before. So Rannyuu Koshien Foul = Baseball Tournament Run-in Foul, more or less. What could it mean? Does it matter? Read the manga and find out for yourself!

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