Kyousougiga episodes 1-2, dropped

Too weird and disjointed for me, I guess. I was following along with the weirdness in the early parts of episode 1 of Kyousougiga, or so I thought, then they lost me in Kyoto when the kid turned into an adult and started fooling around with some random floozy in an apartment etc etc.

Still I thought I’d try one more episode to see if they would at least explain what’s going on. Okay, I get that there are several worlds out there and there’s an organization that takes care of those worlds and the girl Koto that showed up is part of that group and is looking for her sensei at the same time. But. I don’t like Koto at all, especially at her bratty kid stage, which is all episode two focuses on.

I watched up to the part where she was brawling with some kid at a shrine and then dropped it, though I did skip forward a bit to see that some mysterious people think she’s special somehow and want to get their hands on her, I think. Which means there’s going to be even more focus on Koto for the rest of the series, which means I’m better off dropping it while I’m ahead.

Annoying main character, adult situations that don’t fit the rest of the show, lots of weirdness that isn’t explained in a straightforward fashion (I hate weird series), all equals a recipe for a series I’m going to hate. I’m not even interested enough in what Kyousougiga is about to read summaries online. The whole thing just left me feeling frustrated and mildly irritated. Pass, on to the next show!

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