Iruka-chan Yoroshiku chapter 2

I think chapters one and two of Iruka-chan Yoroshiku are more than enough to give a sense of much of the rest of the series is about. Iruka is really played up as shockingly good at every sport  in the world, so while I hope later volumes will counter this by eventually introducing someone she can’t beat, it doesn’t seem like that kind of series.

For a while I was reading it for the romantic content, but even that didn’t pan out too well. Yes, Haruumi does become a bit dull as I mentioned in my last post, but in a way that was refreshing because in 99% of shoujo manga in the last 20 years the nice, good boy never gets the girl. Not that I’m an expert or anything on shoujo manga, because I tend to drop them pretty quickly when the so-called hero starts acting like a jerk.

But still, returning to my point, Haruumi was a nice guy and that was cool. At the start of volume 2 (spoilers) it is revealed that Haruumi and Iruka (and most of the rest of the cast) actually met for the first time 6 years ago, and that’s when the romance between H and I actually started. They all forgot each other quickly, but still it’s totally meant to be right? …Right. So there’s no point reading any further. I plugged away at the series for another volume, but when everything is so obvious and the sports content isn’t exactly lighting my world on fire, there’s no need to keep going. Ze endo.

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