Ikkyuu-san volume 5 manga review

What, you thought I’d dropped Ikkyuu-san, did you? I very nearly have, but I decided to see through the end of the inter-team game first, just for closure. I’m probably going to skim volume 6 really quickly, but the manga isn’t good enough to finish so I’m not going to bother.

The results of the game – Team B managed to reverse Team A’s 10-run lead and beat them, making Coach Iwakaze the new coach, but he’s recruited the other coach to help him groom Ikkyuu. Turns out the other coach has realized Ikkyuu’s potential as well. Yeah, yeah.

Meanwhile Team A pitcher Ootomo has gone missing, and the rest of Team A is pissed off because they blame him for the loss. They’re waiting for him outside his crush Reiko’s birthday party, but Ikkyuu tries to persuade them that ganging up on one guy is not the manly way to do things. Just then several members of Team B challenge Ikkyuu to a one-on-one battle, but then Ikkyuu’s friend Kurou says he wants to fight them, so now he starts fighting Ikkyuu and it’s just a total mess. What a terrible manga.

I’m pretty disappointed with the way Ikkyuu-san has turned out. Normally I love sports stories about characters who don’t know they have a certain skill and then they’re discovered by someone who trains them into a prodigy and then everyone is like WOW, THEY’RE SO GOOD! and stuff. Wish fulfillment, of course, but enjoyable stuff nevertheless. So that’s the kind of stuff I was expecting when I picked this manga up, but it really fails at that.

First off, it skips straight to the WOW, THEY’RE SO GOOD! part without actually showing what makes Ikkyuu so good. He makes rookie mistakes all the time and doesn’t play particularly well until the latest volume, but from the start most side characters have been fawning over him. The people who aren’t crazy about him are his own team mates, and they’re portrayed as dumb and jealous for not realizing how wonderful Ikkyuu is. It’s really annoying because the reader is being painted the same way by association. I gave the Ikkyuu-san manga 5 volumes to impress me and pull me in and it has’t done so, so I think now’s a good time to call it quits. Verdict: Not particularly recommended, even if you’re really bored.

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