Ikkyuu-san volume 3 manga review

Ikkyuu-san is starting to lose steam a bit for me, but most likely volume 3 was the problem and subsequent volumes should be better. Going into the volume I wanted to learn more about Ikkyuu’s background and personality and I also wanted him to get some basic training and learn more about baseball. None of these things have happened. Instead:

– Instead of training with the team, Ikkyuu and his very annoying friend Kurou and some very annoying kids have been doing some very unorthodox training by the riverbank.

– When Ikkyuu and Kurou do show up for regular training, coach Iwakaze just shuffles off and tells everyone to do their own thing.

– We still know nothing about Ikkyuu except his dad sent him to Tokyo with just enough money for a one-way trip. We also learn that he idolizes real-life star Shigeo Nagashima, which is like huh? You know enough about Nagashima to want to be like him and yet you don’t know the first thing about baseball? What, you saw a poster and developed a crush or what?

– Even though Ikkyuu did manage to get some simple training it, it seems he still hasn’t learned the basic rules of baseball. At the end of the volume he doesn’t even know/remember that three outs = a change of sides.

– The love triangle is getting well under way. Pitcher Ootomo likes Reiko, Reiko likes Ikkyuu and Ikkyuu is oblivious to everything except baseball.

The volume ends with the first-string team (with star pitcher Ootomo) facing off against the second-string team. The purpose is supposedly to prove whether coach Iwakaze’s methods were right or not, but most likely the winning coach will take control of both teams since only one can go to Koshien. It will be interesting to see how Ikkyuu’s training has changed him, so I haven’t given up on the manga yet!

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