Ikkyuu-san volume 2 manga review

Ikkyuu-san is still going strong as of volume 2, but whether this will last till the end of the series or not remains to be seen. I said last time that Ikkyuu’s ‘innocent country boy’ gimmick was getting old, and it most definitely is. The rest of the cast is strong enough that watching their actions and reactions is enjoyment enough, so as long as the focus of the manga stays broad enough we won’t have much of a problem.

The other option would be for Ikkyuu’s personality to gain some much-needed depth. All we know right now is that he’s from the boonies, he somehow managed to grow up as a boy in Japan without even knowing the most basic rules of baseball (?) and he has a sense of justice that comes out as anger when crossed. That’s enough for two volumes, but it’s about time we got to see more to him since the whole series revolves around him.

There’s hope that this might happen though, since volume 2 ended with Ikkyuu’s friend Kurou coming to the ballpark to see him. Ikkyuu is also going to get to meet Reiko, the pretty lady from the last volume who seems to have some sort of relationship with team pitcher Ootomo…? This isn’t an Adachi manga so the non-pitcher actually stands a chance, especially when the manga is named after him. Reiko is as good as ours. So that should help reveal a little more about his background and personality.

With any luck Ikkyuu will also get some basic training in baseball so we don’t have to deal with this “wat is a homerun i dunno duhh’ nonsense any more. It reminds me a bit of Ganbarist Shun where Shun was thrown into a contest without knowing a thing but later became a force to reckon with in the gymnastic world. The parts where he was ignorant were funny, but the show was even better once he did know. I’m hoping that’s what will happen with Ikkyuu-san as well.

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