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I can never resist a good Terry Pratchett, so I’m cheating a little this week. I’ve been getting into some Japanese novels (一般小説) and light novels but nothing comes close to the power of a good Discworld novel. I’m not too fond of the Watch stories though, give me a good Rincewind book any day. Or Small Gods. I could read that book 10000 times.

Studying is going well this week, cheating aside. I hit upon the idea of reading online Japanese reviews of my favorite games. There’s nothing I love more in the world than a well-written bad review, especially of games I love, so I’m in good company there. I was hoping for more trollsome posts, but we’ll take what we can get. So anyway I’ve been getting loads and loads of sentences out of those reviews, sentences written by and for ordinary Japanese.

Re: Youtube project, I’ve dled tons and tons of videos but I haven’t watched a single one yet. Watching stuff is WORK! Here’s a long list of the stuff I’ve gotten so far. I don’t know what link corresponds to what file though. I wasn’t being very discriminatory in my downloads, I just grabbed anything that looked like an interview or a 記者会見 and downloaded it. And geez but there are a lot of Gackt files in there. He’s not a bad musician – not good either – but he’s a BORING interview. Tries too hard to look “cool” and “mysterious” and stuff. Be yourself, man! Yah, whatever. Here goes. (Warning: long list is long!)

I don’t know when I’ll get the time to watch all this stuff, but I’ll get round to it someday. And that’s all for today!

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